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The Truman Show (1998) – (His whole life is a lie!)


This was originally planned to be one of my more chill movies. After my Auntie Sandy pointed out that I had been watching a lot of heavy stuff lately, it was time for… Continue reading

American Psycho (2000)- “I like to dissect girls. Did you know I’m utterly insane?”


Spoilers! The movie stars Christian Bale as Patrick/Pat Bateman, an intelligent, good looking Wall Street guy who is indistinguishable from his other buddies. He’s a wealthy guy but he harbors a very dangerous… Continue reading

Cat People (1942) – (I honestly thought it was about people who liked cats.)


Be warned, spoilers ahead. *meow* This is about a woman who fears intimacy with her husband. She’s Serbian (her husband is American), and her fear stems from her country’s fables about how a… Continue reading

The Shawshank Redemption (1994) – “Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”


*River Song voice* Spoilers.  Shawshank Redemption is based on the Stephen King novel Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption. Why they removed the gorgeous Rita from their title still baffles me. I decided to see… Continue reading

Beauty and the Beast (2017) – “The first and last five minutes were great!”


Here are the really nice things about the live action ‘Beauty and the Beast’: The opening title. It was a direct shout-out to the cartoon, right? The ending credits were also quite heartwarming,… Continue reading

Logan (2017) – “The end of an era.”


*Mild spoilers ahead* I’m going to start off by saying I didn’t grow up reading comic books. They were and still are expensive and neither of my parents were into them. So I… Continue reading

Fences (2016) – “That’s the way that go.”


I wrote a little piece about the Oscar noms for Theater Fans Manila (shameless plug) and one person commented that Fences and Moonlight were ‘boring and bleak’. Well! I felt challenged. I HAD to see… Continue reading

Nocturnal Animals (2016) -“…Enjoy the absurdity of our world. It’s a lot less painful.”


Fair warning, there may be spoilers ahead. This certainly isn’t the movie you should watch if you want a light-hearted story at two in the morning. I made that mistake. Though I knew… Continue reading

Grease 2 (1982) – “So wrong, but it feels so right!”


Okay, it’s time to come clean. My family – unironically, genuinely – loves Grease 2.  As my niece puts it, we are probably the only people in the world who voluntarily watch it… Continue reading

Oklahoma! (1955)


I had never seen Oklahoma! and it finally seemed like a good time to get into it. The DVD was just lying there on the shelf, so I dove in. It’s a story… Continue reading

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