October 2. Monday.

The story is about the unluckiest woman alive. A rookie cop, she spends her first shift with the ghosts of a mass-murdering family. They start off slow, little movements here, a door slam there and, before you know it, they’re chasing her around and are having a little evil spirit movie night!

Just like Hush, the movie stars only one woman, Juliana Harkavy. And also like Hush, she’s a character I like and develop an attachment for. She’s assigned to guard the closing police station on its last night before transferring to the new station. I root for her because I can see how hard she’s trying to keep herself together and get her shift over with. And I feel sorry for her because of the loss she’s experienced and because she’s being played with by ghosts!

The movie’s only location is the soon-to-be-closed police head quarters. The movie uses the architecture of the place to its advantage, making me feel like I’m with her in those tight hallways. I was lost along with her and I was afraid that something will jump out around the corners and in the dark.

The music in the movie was just right for setting the mood. The sound effects were also pretty creepy. I could hear things moving and skittering around, making me question if I really heard anything.

The movie was definitely a nail biter and the ending left me so shocked! It’s definitely not in overabundance of the jump scares, rather, it left me in dread waiting for the monsters to appear.

Is her first shift her last? I recommend watching to find out!

2 down, 29 to go.