This was originally planned to be one of my more chill movies. After my Auntie Sandy pointed out that I had been watching a lot of heavy stuff lately, it was time for a feel-good film.


Warning: Spoilers.

His life is fake. That’s the simplest way of putting it. Nothing is real, not his relationships, not his job, and not even his mother. His neighborhood is just a giant TV studio that resembles the Arena in The Hunger Games (never a good sign). Not even the sun and moon are real! He’s just a TV show, but he doesn’t know it. Like extreme reality TV but without the giant paycheck. Which is really sad to be honest. And when he finally does find out, his reactions are warranted. I mean he’s been filmed since he was a child. That’ll make anyone go insane!

I watched it for the first time with my mom and I was shocked! Though his life being kind of perfect should have hinted at the fact that it’s all fake, I still fell for it. I mean I thought it was going to be like a reality TV perspective about the life of some guy named Truman. But I never expected that he himself didn’t know that his whole life is a lie. I mean, he’s married and works at some bank and he has white picket fences and nice neighbors. Though now it’s obviously too good to be true, I just thought it was feel-good.

Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank was pretty amazing. He didn’t do much of his usual overacting and really made me believe that everything was fine and dandy – even though his life was controlled by a producer named Christof who I hate. I feel like he has a god complex. Especially towards the end of the film where he doesn’t care if Truman dies or not as long as he’s in control and broadcasting his show. I really hated the guy.

Though the end of the film was predictable once you find out everything is fake, how he gets there is still very much entertaining to watch. You start to wonder, does he escape? How? Does he even want to? This is the only world he knows. Is leaving it going to be okay? I even wondered if he was going to die at the end.

My paranoia is seeping into my train of thought. If tiny cameras hidden everywhere is possible, what if my life is The Truman Show? Is there an audience at home watching my every move and judging my 3 a.m. “snacks” of peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Do I have a voice over guy? I hope it’s Morgan Freeman. Is he real in the “real world”? Do they see me right now? And are they thinking “wow so meta”? Help me, I’m scared!