October 5. Thursday.

Spooky spoilers!

When an asbestos cleaning team start working in an abandoned hospital for mental health patients, they get more than they bargained for as the horrific past comes to get them.

Honestly, as I was thinking about how to write this my mind went blank. How do you write about something that leaves you speechless and a little confused?

The movie featured very little violence and what it lacked in that department, it sure made up for with the psychological fear it made me feel. It was slow paced and very little happened during the first half aside from creepy shots of the old-fashioned tools they used to use on patients, and whenever the camera panned around a room I was always leaning my head away from the screen for fear that something may jump out. And I don’t know if I’m satisfied by the ending or not. Sure, it wasn’t expected but was it good? I really don’t know.

David Caruso (Sandy: Hey finally, an actor we know!) and Peter Mullan lead the cast and although I found Caruso’s portrayal of his character to be a bit over-acted, Mullan’s slow descent into madness balanced it out. And they had a great supporting cast comprised of Stephen Gevedon, Paul Guilfoyle, Josh Lucas (Sandy: More actors we know!) and Brendan Sexton III.

I felt hollow after seeing the film because after watching I felt nothing. All the fear and excitement drained out of me at the ending. Could I be not getting it? Or is this a feeling I share with others? Maybe I missed something crucial, but I don’t think so.

5 down. 26 to go.