‘Tis the season to be jolly! And to watch all the feel-good Christmas movies!

But for my niece Chloe, it also means time to hate on that beloved classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, as she is forced to sit through the last of our annual Christmas movie festival. I can never understand why she hates it so much, this inspiring, uplifting, sentimental staple of the holidays. (I don’t even wait for Christmas to watch it!) So I had to ask her.


Me: Chloe, how can you hate James Stewart? The lovely and lovable Donna Reed? How, I ask you, how?

Chloe: I hate his character George Bailey because he’s a whiner. It’s boring. So he didn’t travel the world, just get over it! He’s old and it’s annoying. In The Shop Around the Corner he wasn’t like that at all. Just because he didn’t get what he wants, he’ll take his own life? It’s not a good message.

The story is basic, “ooh I have a problem in life and then it got better”, all stories are like that! It’s not the ultimate Christmas movie, for me the ultimate holiday movie is Holiday Inn because it’s happy.

I know of an internet group that agrees George is a whiner. There’s no character development. Only in the end does he see that life is good, it’s like a copout. And that “you want the moon” scene with Mary and the Buffalo gals song? So corny.

Speaking of Mary, in that alternate reality, why does she have to be a librarian just because she’s single? Sadly it’s a testament to the times that if you’re single, you have no other choices in life. And it shows that Potter’s world has no opportunities for women. But just because George is gone, they were so meant to be, that even in an alternate reality she can’t find someone else? She’s beautiful!

Don’t get me wrong, I like corny movies. (Me: Name one! C: Grease 2). I just hate this one.

Me: Geez, tell us what you really think why don’t you.


I don’t care, I still love George, and Mary, and Bert, and Ernie (heh). Just because Chloe doesn’t get them doesn’t mean she can skip watching the movie with the family. It’s Christmas and everyone will have fun even if they hate it!