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Holy Week Movies


We spent a quiet Holy Week at home, so we decided to have a movie marathon – one religious movie every day from Holy Monday to Good Friday. The whole country practically grinds… Continue reading

Birthday Tea at the Writers Bar-Raffles Hotel


I celebrated my birthday recently. I made plans to go to my favorite Spanish restaurant, which serves the best paella and callos, with free birthday brazo de mercedes to boot. But I sadly learned that they… Continue reading

I just watched “It’s A Wonderful Life”…


  … last night. In the middle of March. Yes, I know it’s weird. But I was feeling inexplicably sad and needed a boost that my usual feelgood movies could not provide. I… Continue reading

Black Panther and What It Means To Me


Somewhere around Ant-Man, I became a fan of the entire MCU. I wasn’t just picking and choosing which movies I wanted to watch – I understood and fell in love with this cinematic… Continue reading

[VIDEO] BBC Music’s “God Only Knows”


Oh look, another old video that I only just discovered! I’m four years late, but I’m thankful that I stumbled upon it anyway. It’s the promo for the launch of BBC Music, and… Continue reading

The Greatest Showman (2017) – All for the love of Hugh Jackman


Hugh Jackman really is The Greatest Showman. We’ve all known he’s the classic triple threat, but somehow it’s his performance as P.T. Barnum that shows us what that really means. His voice is soaring… Continue reading

The Poetry of Switchfoot


I’ve been trying to write about Switchfoot and how much I love them for a while now. At first I wanted to write about my Top 10 songs, but I couldn’t keep it… Continue reading

[VIDEO] “This Is Me” – Keala Settle


This is my new anthem, you guys. I always say that songs (whether old or new) come to you when you need them most, and the universe must be telling me something, because… Continue reading

Dream Casting ‘The Silmarillion’


Amazon is going to develop a Lord of the Rings television series. There are no details yet, but my fervent wish is for it to be an adaptation of ‘The Silmarillion’, the history… Continue reading

Three Little Words (1950) – “You’re A Dope!”


There are some movies that are just fun to watch, from start to finish. ‘Three Little Words’ is one of them. It’s based on the story of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, and… Continue reading

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