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My Dad’s Favorite Classic Hollywood Actors


I asked my mom some time ago to enumerate her favorite actors, and not long afterward I also asked my dad. He came up with an interesting list – some choices are no-brainers… Continue reading

Ten Movies Everyone Should Watch At Least Once


I am no expert film critic and I haven’t seen all the “greatest films in history” but what I am is a movie lover who grew up watching both the classics and modern-day… Continue reading

Why Chloe Hates “It’s A Wonderful Life”


‘Tis the season to be jolly! And to watch all the feel-good Christmas movies! But for my niece Chloe, it also means time to hate on that beloved classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, as… Continue reading

My Mom’s Favorite Classic Hollywood Actors


I’ve been trying to record as much of my mom’s stories and memories as I can lately. Since she’s the person who introduced me to classic movies, I decided to ask her who… Continue reading

I just watched “It’s A Wonderful Life”…


  … last night. In the middle of March. Yes, I know it’s weird. But I was feeling inexplicably sad and needed a boost that my usual feelgood movies could not provide. I… Continue reading

Three Little Words (1950) – “You’re A Dope!”


There are some movies that are just fun to watch, from start to finish. ‘Three Little Words’ is one of them. It’s based on the story of Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby, and… Continue reading

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