The latest from this pair of nimrods:


“Ooh! Please paparazzi, don’t look at us! We don’t want the attention that our fame as movie stars gets us, in this public job we chose and that’s giving us this ridiculously pampered life! We don’t want the fame, just support these charities instead! We dislike the fame and photos so much that we took the time while having our intensely private coffee to write down the names of our favorite charities for our fans! But we don’t want to be famous, no! We don’t want to call attention to ourselves so we’ll just walk around with notes taped to our faces! Just keep on following us and get more telephoto shots so our fans can make out our teeny tiny handwriting! Ooh! We’re just a couple of hat-wearing hipster asshats who happen to be NOBLE!”

Bunch of pretentious, self-righteous emobags.