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Dream Casting ‘The Silmarillion’


Amazon is going to develop a Lord of the Rings television series. There are no details yet, but my fervent wish is for it to be an adaptation of ‘The Silmarillion’, the history… Continue reading

10 Female Celebrities I Hate The Most


Hate, dislike, loathe, and despise are very strong words. But they aptly describe my feelings for all the women on this list. I know what you’re thinking, “All she does with her time… Continue reading

We are still talking about the Oscars.


The three of us (Sandy, Sam and Chloe) had an Oscar viewing party last week and we decided to live blog about the noteworthy moments. It started out so well but being who we… Continue reading

Thoughts on the Oscars


NPH Opening: Veerrry nice. Entertaining. I love the effects of blending NPH into famous scenes, and the shadows and silhouettes, especially that shoutout to Singin’ in the Rain. Jack Black made the number… Continue reading

O Captain! My Captain!


I just finished watching Dead Poets Society because I needed a way to mourn and to process Robin Williams’ passing. Throughout the movie I could still deny that he was gone – how… Continue reading

Genie, you’re free.



Dear Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: GET OVER YOURSELVES.


The latest from this pair of nimrods: Photos: MaxNY/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES “Ooh! Please paparazzi, don’t look at us! We don’t want the attention that our fame as movie stars gets us, in this public… Continue reading

Love Or Hate: Couples Edition


And now the Witches’ Coven plays one of our favorite games –  Love Or Hate –  where we share our feelings for celebrities, with no in betweens. Our first edition –  we dish… Continue reading

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