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Ten is Rafa


So happy for the unbelievable Rafa Nadal and his historic achievement! 10 French Opens! 10! Who wins any tournament 10 times, let alone a Grand Slam? And just when people (sadly, maybe even… Continue reading

2015 Aussie Open Roundup


The Monday after a Grand Slam always brings me a huge letdown. It’s like for two weeks my schedule becomes pretty set around the match schedules, and then after two weeks of non-stop… Continue reading

Nadal: “If” doesn’t exist in sport.


This was my favorite part of Rafa’s post-match interview. This was his answer when a reporter asked him, “if” he had won the third set, would he have had a chance to win… Continue reading

Jim Courier Brings Some Laughs to the Australian Open


I’ve been glued to the Australian Open lately, and one of the best parts has been Jim Courier’s post-match interviews with the players. (Aside from Rafa still being in it, of course.) It’s… Continue reading

Amazing Tennis Weekend with the IPTL


I want to begin this post by saying I love my camera! I’ve had it for four years and I never realized that the sport setting is pretty awesome. And now that that’s… Continue reading

Jeter and his Endless Goodbye


By now everyone and his mother knows that Derek Jeter is retiring from baseball. And you don’t even have to be a fan to know this, because practically every media outlet has drilled… Continue reading

Thoughts on the US Open


I was so looking forward to the US Open this year.  With Nadal’s early exit from Wimbledon, I wanted him to get right back in it and win the last major. Buuut, he… Continue reading

10 Reasons To Love Wimbledon


Wimbledon is already underway. I am not as enthusiastic about this since my boy Rafa is struggling to hold his serve in the first round as we speak. But I’ve decided to list… Continue reading

Spanish Team Get Regular Jobs in Ad


This is sweet. Also, Xabi in scrubs! That is all.

[World Cup 2014] Spain’s Farewell Match


This is not a football blog. But I can’t seem to stop writing about the World Cup. So many thoughts! So many emotions! Spain and Australia played their last game in the World… Continue reading

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