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Jacobe Veterinary Clinic: Avoid At All Costs!


If you want a vet who will be condescending, negative and rude, Jacobe Veterinary Clinic in Marcelo Green Village is the place for you. I brought my dog “P” to the clinic for… Continue reading

Facebook is controlling our emotions!


There’s all this hoopla about a recent study that revealed how Facebook conducted a social experiment on unwitting people. Supposedly they chose a group of users and controlled the tone of the items… Continue reading

Fat-Shame On You


I updated my profile picture on Facebook, and within 5 minutes, one of my former co-workers sent me a private message. “Hi [fatty]! HAHAHAHA”. (He used the Tagalog word for fatty).I suppose I… Continue reading

Tips: How To Get Your NSO Birth Certificate, NBI Clearance, SSS/UMID


A couple of weeks ago I had to claim some work documents, for which I needed two valid government IDs. All I had was my passport because I lost both my SSS and… Continue reading



I have been living under a rock. I’d been reading about Spotify playlists for a while now, but since they mostly came up on Twitter, and I’m too lazy to click links there,… Continue reading

Run Run Run!


I finally got me some legit running shoes! If you know me, you know that I have never done any form of voluntary exercise in my entire life , so this level of… Continue reading

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