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Are You Evil?


I am back! Yes, I know, I’ve been gone for too long and the world has been weeping from the loss of my genius advice. I wasn’t gone because I was busy with… Continue reading

A Tennis Ball and Yoga Mat Brought Me Back


I missed my blog! For the past three weeks I’ve been struggling with terrible shoulder and back pain, and though I want to say that it’s because of a cool reason like a… Continue reading

Christmas Trees in July?


I went to the mall recently and was surprised to see a Christmas setup. Can you believe that? It’s JULY.   What the hell? I cannot handle this pressure!    

My Meal Plan Experience with Plan:Eat


No, I’m not on a diet. I did not try a meal plan delivery service to lose weight. I literally just needed something to eat. I don’t cook, and since my mom’s favorite… Continue reading

5 Things I Learned at the Metro Manila Pride Festival


I found out about this festival a year ago and the feeling of joy still hasn’t faded. I hope I get to go again for a third time next year and that I… Continue reading

If ‘Back to the Future’ Happened in the Philippines…


  (Also, instead of a DeLorean, the time machine would be a jeepney.)

Happy My Birthday!


Because that face HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

[Repost] Does Yoga Make People Happier?


I want to share this article from BookYogaRetreats.com which is a perfect read for a Monday, I think. My resolution for more self-care this year has been kind of flagging, so this is also a… Continue reading

What makes you happy?


My friends and I were having a conversation about losing motivation at work, when one of them asked, “What makes you happy?” A simple question, but one that packs a wallop. We can’t… Continue reading

Meet Mister Beebop, My Imaginary Friend


Someone once commented on one of my posts here, “Thanks, buddy!”.  It seemed very bro-y to me, so I think I should clear up that I’m not really a Mister. That’s just the… Continue reading

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