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5 Reasons Why Concerts are More Fun in the Philippines


5. We wait decades for our favorite artists to come here. The Killers had their show in 2013, 9 years after the release of their debut album Hot Fuss. The Gin Blossoms had their first… Continue reading

Fangirling 101


Don’t take this seriously. Or do, because I’m not the boss of you. Be free, fellow fan. The Science Ah yes, discovering a fandom, liking it, becoming one with it, and transforming into… Continue reading

“I think I love him now.” – James Bay in Manila, 18 August 2016


Passionate music fans love to say they liked an artist before anyone else. “Oh I was listening to him before he became mainstream,” or, “My new favorite singer is someone you’ve never heard… Continue reading

“Let It Go” – James Bay


My music obsession of the week is James Bay’s Let It Go. Don’t worry, it’s not a Frozen cover. What it is is a soulful, haunting, heartfelt track. I usually steer clear of… Continue reading

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