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“Why can’t men ever paint themselves out of a corner?” – Downton Abbey Christmas Special 6×09


This is it. The very last Downton episode, and the very last post I will write about it. *tear* Carson is having some trouble with tremors in his hand, and it begins to… Continue reading

“A nasty, jealous, scheming b*tch!” – Downton Abbey 6×08


I put off writing about the final regular episode of Downton Abbey because I did not like it. At all. I hated it. It all boils down to the two sisters. Edith finally… Continue reading

“I’m quite a tough nutcracker.” – Downton Abbey 6×07


The penultimate episode of Downton Abbey didn’t leave much of an impression on me when I first watched it. In fact I forgot most of it right after. Watching it back, I realized… Continue reading

“If I could choose between principle and logic, I’d take principle every time!” – Downton Abbey 6×06


Downton Abbey opens its doors to the public for charity. The Downton ladies act as guides to the visitors, and they don’t know anything¬†about the history of their own home. The hospital merger… Continue reading

“Are they allowed to have that much blood?” – Downton Abbey 6×05


Okay, let’s talk about THAT scene. Did anything else even happen this episode? Because that is all I can remember. Mary and Henry blah blah blah, Yay Edith, Daisy whatever. But that scene!… Continue reading

“Are you here to help or irritate?” – Downton Abbey 6×04


And it’s classic Violet again, giving us the title of this week’s blog post. I’ve been watching Downton Abbey since the beginning, and I only just noticed how elegant its opening titles are.… Continue reading

“Did you drink at luncheon?” – Downton Abbey 6×03


Episode 3 turned out be a squeee-filled episode, though it started out inauspiciously. Mrs. Hughes resigning herself to the fact that she won’t be getting the reception she really wanted, and then the… Continue reading

“I don’t need to be stirred or squashed.” – Downton Abbey 6×02


This episode left me with more questions than answers. First of all, Anna, don’t you think it’s about time to stop moping about life and just lighten up a bit? It’s like you… Continue reading

“Does it ever get cold on the moral high ground?” – Downton Abbey 6×01


I am still in denial about this being Downton’s last season. Whyyy? Hearing that opening theme after a long time felt like a homecoming. Unlike last year, this season’s premiere felt very satisfactory.… Continue reading

Happy My Birthday, Everyone!


Well, technically it was two weeks ago, but it’s still March so it counts. My dream of having a TARDIS cake finally came true! Thanks to my niece. Our witches’ coven was complete… Continue reading

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