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Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Return of Doctor Mysterio


It’s been so long since I last saw The Doctor that I felt compelled to write about the Christmas Special. The last two seasons were a pain to get through because I am decidedly not… Continue reading

Happy My Birthday, Everyone!


Well, technically it was two weeks ago, but it’s still March so it counts. My dream of having a TARDIS cake finally came true! Thanks to my niece. Our witches’ coven was complete… Continue reading

The Clara Show


The Clara Show is a new BBC show that premiered on Aug. 23. It stars Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. I’m not familiar with her other work, but she was on a show… Continue reading

Geronimo: A Tribute to the Eleventh Doctor


The moment I heard the song “Geronimo” by Sheppard, I thought it was tailor-made for the Eleventh Doctor. So my niece forced pushed encouraged me to do this video montage – with her… Continue reading

I Need A Doctor


Oh Doctor, Doctor, Doctor. Apparently we’re now at the halfway point for this season of Doctor Who. What is happening? What is happening? Have I become an entitled, spoiled fan? Am I expecting… Continue reading

“I’m against the hugging!” – Doctor Who 8×04 Listen


Ugghhh. I have so many feelings about this episode I was compelled to write about it. Things I loved: Capaldi Capaldi Capaldi. LOVE him! I think I said that to the Whovian coven… Continue reading

Cry Me A River (Song)


Damn you, Moffat! I was happily wasting time on YouTube when I came across this: Seriously?!? After a minute I was bawling like a baby. Eleven x River is my OTP. And I’m… Continue reading

The Doctor Says…


Deep Breath: Doctor Who Series 8


Damn you, Moffat! Now that that’s out of the way, I love love loved the season opener. Though I am still crying over Matt Smith (and probably will be for months to come),… Continue reading

An Adventure In Space And Time


As part of my personal Who Fest this past week – brought on by the excitement for the Series 8 premiere, but mostly by my depression about Matt Smith’s departure, which I am… Continue reading

Raggedy Man, good night.


Our Whovian coven had what we thought was a foolproof plan for dealing with the inevitable heartbreak of Matt Smith’s regeneration.  But with all the excitement in the last week before the Series 8… Continue reading

Whovian and Proud!


The new Dr. Who is set to premiere in August, and I can tell you, I am seriously in need of a Doctor fix.I watched all 7 series from 2005 in the space… Continue reading

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