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“I’m against the hugging!” – Doctor Who 8×04 Listen


Ugghhh. I have so many feelings about this episode I was compelled to write about it. Things I loved: Capaldi Capaldi Capaldi. LOVE him! I think I said that to the Whovian coven… Continue reading

Cry Me A River (Song)


Damn you, Moffat! I was happily wasting time on YouTube when I came across this: Seriously?!? After a minute I was bawling like a baby. Eleven x River is my OTP. And I’m… Continue reading

Deep Breath: Doctor Who Series 8


Damn you, Moffat! Now that that’s out of the way, I love love loved the season opener. Though I am still crying over Matt Smith (and probably will be for months to come),… Continue reading

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