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[REBLOG] Jane Eyre, as told through Internet Memes | The Bibliofile


  I love Jane Eyre and I love memes.   And this, my friends, is pure gold!   Jane Eyre, as told through Internet Memes – The Bibliofile    

When a book is more than a book


Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks is more than just a book to me. Here’s why. First of all, this is Tom Hanks we’re talking about. When it comes to celebrities, I either love… Continue reading

Time Travelers Never Die – Jack McDevitt


The lives we know are not forever. Live well. Enjoy what time is given you. It is a magnificent gift. I haven’t been wowed by a book in a while, but I could… Continue reading

Dream Casting ‘The Silmarillion’


Amazon is going to develop a Lord of the Rings television series. There are no details yet, but my fervent wish is for it to be an adaptation of ‘The Silmarillion’, the history… Continue reading

Today in Self-Care: New Books!


Well, technically they’re new old books, but isn’t this a wonderful haul? I got Alan Jacobs’ The Narnian, a biography of C.S. Lewis; The Complete Illustrated Works of Lewis Carroll; Joseph J. Ellis’ The Founding Brothers; and because I’ve been… Continue reading

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