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All About The Blog Bar


I discovered The Blog Bar (http://www.theblogbar.com/) at the perfect time – thank you Instagram for recommending posts! It’s a community for bloggers – sort of like bloggers’ Facebook. The thing that got me… Continue reading

Happy WordPress Anniversary To Me!


WordPress kindly reminded me that I registered a year ago! Hooray! Happy Anniversary to meeee. I was taken by surprise because I honestly didn’t realize that it’s been a whole year. Time sure flies. I’m so… Continue reading

“Writers don’t need tricks or gimmicks.”


Originally posted on The Daily Post:
If you write for an audience — be it millions of strangers or your mom — you inevitably think about how your words appear to others. Very often, this…

More Thoughts On Blogging


I’ve been browsing through the many blogs available here on Blogger, and I just have to say I’m inspired by everything I’m seeing.  I’m amazed at how creative people are – how did… Continue reading

Mister Beebop Has A New Look


Hey, Mister Beebop had a makeover! I’ve been playing around with my blog’s colors and format all day and I’ve come up with my favorite overall look.  The hardest part was the colors… Continue reading

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