Portugal Loses To Germany, And I Am Bothered.


So today has not been a good day for World Cup viewing.  My genuine disappointment over Portugal’s loss to Germany made me realize that, holy hell, I’ve really taken on Portugal as my… Continue reading

Whovian and Proud!


The new Dr. Who is set to premiere in August, and I can tell you, I am seriously in need of a Doctor fix.I watched all 7 series from 2005 in the space… Continue reading

[Video] Paolo Nutini – Better Man (Acoustic)


This Is How It’s Done.

This is the MOST sexist commercial ever.


Rant-o-Meter: 10/10 It begins with “Men are different. Our more active lifestyles give our scalp a beating…” Seriously?!? Your lifestyle is more active than whose, exactly? Are you talking about non-athletes in general?… Continue reading

Why I Love and Hate World Cup Football


Every four years I go all out with World Cup fever, with the merchandise to prove it. I mentioned in a previous post that I love staying up at all hours of the… Continue reading

Battle of the World Cup Songs: Pitbull and JLo Vs. Ricky Martin


(Spoiler Alert: RICKY MARTIN WINS.) How in hell is Ricky Martin’s song ‘Vida’ not the official World Cup anthem?  I watched the opening of the World Cup with a very open mind: tree… Continue reading

What Would Kurt Cobain Do?


Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury are in my room. Everyday I see these two dolls (action figures?) and I wonder, if Kurt Cobain or Freddie Mercury were alive today, would they like the… Continue reading

Thoughts on The 68th Annual Tony Awards


Let me lead this off by saying two words: Hugh. Jackman.Hugh Jackman can do no wrong in my book. Some people were complaining that his opening number was not flashy enough. But I… Continue reading

Superstition and the Sports Fan


If you think athletes are superstitious, then you have never watched sports with me. Rafa Nadal has just won his 9th French Open over Novak Djokovic. This is the first time any tennis… Continue reading

Fat-Shame On You


I updated my profile picture on Facebook, and within 5 minutes, one of my former co-workers sent me a private message. “Hi [fatty]! HAHAHAHA”. (He used the Tagalog word for fatty).I suppose I… Continue reading

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