I Am Not A Fan of the USMNT.


It is so hard for me to like the USMNT right now. Throughout this World Cup, all you hear is the American press whining reminding us again and again and again that they… Continue reading

Goodbye, Hot World Cup Teams


Let us bid farewell to the hottest teams ever to play in the World Cup. 3. Ahh, England. They look like the kind of guys you can have a beer with at the… Continue reading

Roger Federer Is A Sore Loser


This is why. There’s something really unsportsmanlike in belittling your opponent’s skills and hiding it under a cloak of objective analysis. C’mon Roger, if you’re gonna talk smack, at least have the balls… Continue reading

Dear Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: GET OVER YOURSELVES.


The latest from this pair of nimrods: Photos: MaxNY/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES “Ooh! Please paparazzi, don’t look at us! We don’t want the attention that our fame as movie stars gets us, in this public… Continue reading

It’s Paul McCartney’s Birthday!


OMG! He’s 72 today! Happy happy birthday Paul! This personal playlist is dedicated to you! And please get better soon!

Dries Merten’s Hand Heart


Oh Dries. I was beginning to like you. Congrats on scoring a game-winning World Cup goal, but flashing your hand heart just erased all the love. Whyyyyyyy. Screen grab from a non-World Cup… Continue reading

More Thoughts On Blogging


I’ve been browsing through the many blogs available here on Blogger, and I just have to say I’m inspired by everything I’m seeing.  I’m amazed at how creative people are – how did… Continue reading

Mister Beebop Has A New Look


Hey, Mister Beebop had a makeover! I’ve been playing around with my blog’s colors and format all day and I’ve come up with my favorite overall look.  The hardest part was the colors… Continue reading

Portugal Loses To Germany, And I Am Bothered.


So today has not been a good day for World Cup viewing.  My genuine disappointment over Portugal’s loss to Germany made me realize that, holy hell, I’ve really taken on Portugal as my… Continue reading

Whovian and Proud!


The new Dr. Who is set to premiere in August, and I can tell you, I am seriously in need of a Doctor fix.I watched all 7 series from 2005 in the space… Continue reading

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