This was the year that Spotify finally synced up with real life. Here’s how my 2020 shaped up.



I regularly post about my undying love for U2 here, so like a true nerd I was happy to see my real life reflected in my streaming habits. And did you see that note – I was in the top 0.05% of their listeners!

I had such a great time at their last concert that I fell in love with them all over again and spent the pandemic year listening to them A LOT.







I used to think “With Or Without You” was overplayed and boring (!), especially because this is the one song that everybody who isn’t a U2 fan is sure to know. But somehow, after the band’s 2019 tour, the song took on a whole new life for me and I began to appreciate its beauty. Now it’s forever linked with great adventures with friends old and new.







It’s still difficult for me to grasp that the 1990s weren’t twenty years ago. Maybe there’s a deeper commentary there about aging. Whatever it is, the music I grew up with may not be the most highbrow, but because they were the soundtrack to wonderful memories, the 1990s will always be my jam. Gen X may be the forgotten generation, but we’re just out here living our best slacker life.







On the flip side of things, I also found out about this AI that mocks you for your Spotify choices. Here’s how it judged me:



I mean, it’s not wrong! And for good measure, one last sassy shade about my beloved band:




2020 has been exhausting, to say the least, and it doesn’t seem to be ever over. (Are you as exhausted as I am?) So thank God for our favorite songs, right?