“I’m all right, right now.”

Happy October!

I tend to feel suspicious when I feel happy or upbeat. I’m always aware when I feel exhausted, depressed or blue, but rarely am I aware when I feel the opposite.

Just now I was feeling all right – I was listening to audio of U2’s concert in Manila, sipping my coffee – and then I started to feel wary of why I felt this way.

But like a miracle, this article came along right when I needed it.

“I’m all right, right now.”

To keep our ancestors alive, our brains evolved an ongoing internal trickle of unease. It’s the little whisper of worry that keeps you scanning your inner and outer worlds for signs of trouble. This background of unsettledness and watchfulness is so automatic to most people that we can forget it’s there. See if you can…

One way to calm an anxious mind: Notice when you’re doing OK — ideas.ted.com