It’s a little late, but here it is – my 2019 in music!


Seasons in Music



Last year I really got into the standards, especially Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and the swoon-worthy vocal stylings of Matt Monro. Then in the last quarter, I gave in to the excitement of seeing U2 again!


But I was surprised at my top artist – Rosemary Clooney!



It seems I played her album with Bing Crosby incessantly. I even wrote about it, so I guess that does make sense.


The Decade That Was



The end of 2019 was a pretty big deal because it was also the end of a decade. My Spotify music tastes in the past 10 years have been all over the place, apparently. Hah. When I find a song or album I like, I play it to death until even the neighbors are sick of it.



I didn’t think that the Hamilton cast would be my artist of the decade, but I must have played the album more than I realized. I remember listening to it for the first time and being blown away (no pun intended). It was like nothing I’d ever heard before, and I know for sure how much I brainwashed everyone at home because I would hear my mom and sister randomly sing “You’ll Be Back” without knowing what they were singing.




So here’s my 2019 playlist. And as I write this, I’m listening to some new music that may or may not show up in next year’s wrap-up!