I finally did it, and I think I deserve a pat on the back – I finished Northanger Abbey!

I started my Jane Austen Project four years ago (!), when I planned to read all her novels in one year. How difficult could that be, I thought, seeing as there were only six, and I already loved Pride and Prejudice so much? But I was so wrong, because it was difficult. I nearly stumbled with Mansfield Park, but I persevered and somehow I still finished that. But when it came to the last one, Northanger Abbey, I had to give it up. 

This is not my review of the book – I will write about that separately. This is just to celebrate that somehow, I made it through Northanger!

Two things helped me: first, I joined a Jane Austen book club online. (My niece has to be given credit for convincing me to look for Jane Austen groups. Because if I don’t give her credit, she will throw a hissy fit.) Reading how everyone was getting on with their book was enough motivation for me to try again. 

Second, and probably more significant, I *cheated*. I watched the movie before reading the book. Eep. I try not to do that with most books, but I knew I needed a big push this time if I was to finish Northanger. Catherine Morland is simply too uninteresting for me without any help. Luckily, the 2007 adaptation starring Felicity Jones as Catherine and JJ Feild as Henry Tilney was enjoyable. Jones’ Catherine was not as bland as my initial impression of the character. And let’s just say, I have a newfound appreciation for JJ Feild. Yum. He was the perfect Austen hero, and with these two interpretations in my head, I found it easier to go back to the book and make it through to the end.

So here’s to me! It may have been four years delayed, but I finished my project!