I’ve never spoken about my love for Bon Jovi because I’m a bit embarrassed about it – they’re not exactly critical darlings – with songs like ‘Always’, I totally get it. Eep.

But it’s 2018 and guilty pleasures be damned! After years of waiting (nine, to be exact), Bon Jovi are finally getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! They topped the fan vote this year with a million votes, and though I was tempering my expectations because winning the fan poll doesn’t mean an automatic entry, I voted everyday just so I can do my part. So yes, I totally helped.

I’ve been sitting on a draft about why Bon Jovi will not get into the Rock Hall because even though I love them, I’ve always thought that an artist’s impact on the industry is the biggest requirement. Has any artist ever said their biggest influence was Bon Jovi? And the number of albums an artist or band sells seems inversely proportional to their chances of getting in because sales equals mass appeal, which music snobs scoff at. Now I’m so glad I never got around to writing it because I was so wrong. I can’t wait for this year’s ceremony, which is going to be epic.

So yup, secret’s out. I love Bon Jovi!