I thought my Disney education was complete, but I was so wrong! I’d never even heard of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow until this week. I can’t believe I’ve been missing out for so long.

I’ve gone my whole life not knowing anything about the story except Ichabod Crane’s name, so this cartoon was my education. Pardon my stupidity but these are the two main things I learned.

I always assumed that Crane was the hero of the story and therefore an upright individual. But apparently, he is an annoying gold digging dandy! I also assumed that Crane was the Headless Horseman. I told you I knew nothing about the story. Everybody probably already knows that he is not. It seems that Ichabod had it coming to him and deserved everything that he got (or didn’t get), because he loses the girl to Gaston V.0 (that’s his romantic rival Brom Bones).

And the best part of it all is hearing Bing Crosby’s voice! He narrates the short and even voices the other characters, and he makes the ghoulish tale sound downright fun. His trademark bababuming voice and playful narration makes the tale of old Ichy (as Crosby calls him) whimsical. The animation is delightfully old-school, and I had no idea there would be musical numbers!  I never expected to be bobbing my head to a song about Ichabod Crane. It’s the cream topping on the pumpkin pie.  This is definitely going on the Halloween movie list, next to Hocus Pocus (two weeks to go!), Clue, and of course,  It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Who’s excited for Halloween?