I am in love with this band.

It’s no secret. I love them with all my heart.

And hearing a new song that’s this good only makes me happier about how much I love them. U2 rarely write straightforward love songs, the kind you’d want to dedicate to your significant other. (Not “With or Without You” because it’s about struggles in love; not “One” because it’s about breaking up.)

But then here comes “You’re The Best Thing About Me”, an upbeat, joyous, happy song that’s simply about love! No hidden meanings, no political statements. And it sounds amazing! It’s real music, with actual drums, bass, and that clanging guitar that anchors everything. Edge also sings the bridge, and to me his and Bono’s voices complement each other perfectly that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish one from the other, similar to Lennon and McCartney. The single cover art features Edge’s daughter Sian. Basically, what’s not to love? Everything comes together to make this a feel-good song.

And I do feel good. I’m so happy that they’re happy!

It comes with this beautiful lyric video to boot!



(Featured photo courtesy of U2Vevo.)