You know how you get obsessed with one song, like a new one you heard for the first time or even an old one that you just discovered, and you play it incessantly, on a loop, until you tire yourself out and you go from absolutely loving it to absolutely hating it because you overdid it?

Yep, I’m somewhere in the middle of that cycle now, still loving Chicago’s “Look Away”. How have I never heard this song before? I know why. Because I thought Chicago was only Peter Cetera and I never realized how awesome they are.

This song isn’t even sung by Cetera, who’d already left the band. It features vocals by Bill Champlin, which is probably why it struck me – it sounds completely different from the Chicago I thought I knew.

And as with any current song obsession of mine, it’s my sister who gets sick of it first because she has to hear it through the window of my room and she gets brainwashed against her will. So while we still don’t hate it, let’s listen to the song and enjoy!



(Featured photo from the “Look Away” music video, which doesn’t even make sense but it’s so gloriously 80s in its excess.)