Home Free is a country a cappella group made up of Austin Brown (a.k.a. scarf wearing cutie patootie pie), Rob Lundquist (a.k.a. chubby cutie patootie pie), Tim Foust (a.k.a. deep voiced cutie patootie pie), Adam Rupp (a.k.a. beat-boxing cutie patootie pie), and Adam Chance (a.k.a. newbie cutie patootie pie.) My mom is cuh-razy about them. Though it proved difficult for her, and after hours of exhausting back and forth, we finally settled on her top fifteen (though originally I only asked for ten) videos. Now that my introduction is over, time to list the cause of my mom’s reliving of her teenage years, squealing and kilig included.


15. Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget (Crazy Life, 2014)

They’re gonna haul my ass away
And I won’t see her pretty face at all
‘Cause the prison is nowhere near the mall

My mother says, “I enjoy watching the video because it’s funny and it highlights Tim’s deep bass voice. Also it looks like they’re having so much fun, which is evident in every video that they make.”


14. 9 to 5 (2015)

“I love Dolly Parton’s original version of this and that’s why I also love Home Free’s version because though they modernized it a bit, they didn’t change it too much. I also love the part where they change their office clothes to their casual everyday style. And Rob’s voice was perfect for it and his personality really shone throughout the video.”


13. Sold (2016)

“I can’t find fault in Austin Brown’s vocals in any of their videos and this particular one made me appreciate it more because the chorus is really fast paced and difficult to sing but he sings it perfectly even during live shows.” (Sandy: You can’t find fault in Austin Brown because you have a huuuuuge crush on him.)


12. Alabama Sampler (Country Evolution, 2015)

“I don’t know any songs by Alabama but this video made me want to hear more of their songs. Austin’s arrangement of it felt smooth and made me sing along.”

Favorite line:

Oh I believe there are angels among us
Sent down to us from somewhere up above
They come to you and me in our darkest hours


11. Honey I’m Good (Country Evolution, 2015)

“What I love about Home Free is that when they cover a song they don’t change it too much. But they do make it their own. I always end up liking their version better than the original. This song is a perfect example. Though I didn’t hate Andy Grammer’s original, I just love Home Free’s version. Plus the video was so much fun with their drinking and Tim Foust’s facial expressions whenever he gets handed a new mix of drinks.”


10. Try Everything (2016)

“Home Free’s videos are simple so in effect the songs that accompany them don’t lose their meaning or value. This music video is a perfect example of that. The guys were just standing around but since the song was fun and they looked like they themselves were having fun, I was having fun listening and singing along.”


9. Can’t Stop the Feeling (2016)

“The video made me want to join their party boat! I love this song because it made me want to dance even though I don’t know how. My favorite parts were where they changed the tempo of the bridge and the part where they each had their solo parts where I saw how great they are individually and collectively. ”


8. Good Ol’ Country Harmony (Country Evolution, 2015)

And you owe it to yourself to do the things you love to do
Yeah I get to travel ’round
And make a lot of sound with this family

“Although the video isn’t historically accurate I still loved it because the song itself talks about their love for music and harmony.  Plus how they enjoy being Home Free.”


7. Your Man (Crazy Life, 2014)

“TIM FOUST! *sighs*” (Sandy: Control yourself.)


6. Friends in Low Places (Country Evolution, 2015)

“Again, TIM FOUST! But I have to give credit to the rest of the boys too because they really did a great job making Tim’s voice shine and backing him up.”


5. Blue Ain’t Your Color (2017) 

“I love the choreography of this video! It wasn’t boy-band dancing but it was just perfectly simple for the song. The guys looked dashing and Rob and Chance sang it so well that I imagine they are singing it to me. *blushes*” (Chloe: eww.) (Sandy: I feel ya, Chloe.)


4. Children Go Where I Send Thee (Once Again It’s Christmas,2015)

“Who doesn’t love Kenny Rogers? When I heard they were collaborating on this project I knew I would enjoy it even before I heard it. They did a great job backing up Kenny without becoming just the backup. They held their own even in the presence of a legend.”


3. Elvira (Country Evolution, 2015)

“I’d never heard of The Oak Ridge Boys prior to watching this video. I’ve never been a huge fan of country music but after watching this I started watching old videos of The Oak Ridge Boys performing this and their other hits. And Rupp’s beat-boxing was so good that I do not miss hearing instruments in all their songs but especially in this one. That’s the beauty of Home Free, they make me want to listen to country music and appreciate the art of it.”


2. Ring Of Fire (Crazy Life, 2014)

“I saw them perform this first at the Sing-Off. (Sandy: You’re welcome, by the way!) It was only their second performance but I knew I was rooting for them to win and binge-watched the season just to listen to them. Though I would have preferred Tim to sing all the bass parts, I still enjoyed  it very much. Primarily because of Tim’s closing note.”


1. My Church (2016)

“Another example of me listening to the original but me liking Home Free’s version more. Again, Tim’s the lead here so that’s probably why I love it so much. The song really calls to me because in a way, Home Free became my church. Whenever I listen to them or watch their videos I feel happy and de-stressed. I always have a smile on my face or laugh out loud because of their antics in the videos. I do it everyday and I never get tired of watching them over and over and over again.

Yes it’s obvious that Tim’s my favorite with his 5 octave range, but how can you not love Rupp’s awesome beat-boxing or Rob’s smooth angelic voice or Chance’s boyish charm when singing and especially Austin’s unbelievably high and solid vocal range? These guys are so talented yet,  though I haven’t met them, I feel like they’re nice people. I hope they stick together forever. Home Fries and proud!”

There you have it folks! My Mom sharing her love *coughs* obsession *coughs* for Home Free. I love them too and have a huge crush on Austin but I don’t think anybody can beat my Mom. She listens to them so much that even my Dad’s starting to ask us to show him new videos because he’s starting to like them too. I hope someday they can come here to the Philippines so that we as a family can go out and see them. Fingers crossed!