Downton Abbey opens its doors to the public for charity. The Downton ladies act as guides to the visitors, and they don’t know anything about the history of their own home.

The hospital merger issue has finally been resolved, but the board wants Lady Cora to take over from Lady Violet. Drama ensues.

Barrow is sinking into depression, and we all know where this is heading.

Mr. Mason is trying to be friendly with Mrs. Patmore because of all the help she’s given him with setting up his new cottage, but because Daisy is still stupid, she embarrasses everyone with her rudeness.

Henry Talbot is still insufferable, and Lady Mary is still a bitch.

You would think that with only three episodes left of the entire series, you’d see some character growth at least. I have loved Daisy since the beginning, especially when the focus was on her relationship with Mrs. Patmore. But since the first episode of Series 6, and probably the last half of Series 5, Daisy has completely devolved from a likable character that you want to root for, into an inexplicably foolish annoyance. Did Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason not have any influence on her at all, for all these years? Did Mr. Molesley not get through to her at all in trying to open her mind through books? She wants to better herself and go to school, but how did she get to be such an idiot? Where and when did this happen? I totally missed it.

And are we supposed to care about that Talbot and Mary? Again I must ask, where and when did they supposedly fall in love? When did it develop? More importantly, why did it develop? Do they even have anything in common? What draws these characters together? Sure, Talbot is handsome, and Mary is umm.. she has great hair maybe? If by great you mean severe and flat and lifeless, of course. At least with Matthew, we got to see how their relationship progressed, and it was believable, and it got us invested. Does Fellowes actually think that we care about Talbot and Mary getting together? It’s been drilled into our heads that a gazillion men want Mary. I’m not saying it’s believable or logical, but that’s what the show has been forcing down our throats for the past 6 years. Are we seriously still expected to cheer for this “relationship”?

Maybe this is Fellowes’ problem. In the words of the Dowager, he chooses principle over logic, and everything else but logic basically, anytime. Nothing makes sense in the Downton world anymore.

I started watching Downton Abbey at the same time as Doctor Who, and when that show started to suck over the last 2 seasons (Damn you, Moffat), at least Downton Abbey was there to make up for it. But now that it’s about to wrap up, Fellowes decides to jump the shark.

Oh and spoiler alert: two episodes to go, and it does not get better.