Episode 3 turned out be a squeee-filled episode, though it started out inauspiciously.

Mrs. Hughes resigning herself to the fact that she won’t be getting the reception she really wanted, and then the whole debacle about Lady Cora’s evening coat, was just painful. And who caused it all? LADY MARY. I have already made my (very) strong feelings about her known, and I will not say anything more about that impertinent hussy/bully.

There’s more talk about the whole hospital business, but at this point it seems to be a meaningless plot device, the sole purpose of which is to show the Dowager fighting yet again with Cousin Isobel. I’m not invested in it at all. There does seem to be some foreshadowing with the Earl’s constant stomach complaints, so something may still come out of it.

Oh and also: Maggie Smith does not have enough scenes!

I have been staunchly Team Daisy from the beginning, but she has become an annoying and grating shrew about the tenancy business. I understand plotlines stretched out across episodes, but that does not mean that all you have to do is repeat the same thing over and over. They can’t turn out Mr. Mason! They owe Mr. Mason! Lady Cora is mean to me and why can’t I have everything I want now waaahhhhh *tantrum tantrum tantrum*

This goes on until Episode 4 so there’s no need to talk about this again either.

But everything went right in the end, because Lady Cora is a GODDESS! Her very definitive squashing of that impertinent hussy/bully was perfect. And giving her winter coat to Mrs. Hughes was just the icing on the (wedding) cake.

Oh yes, Carson and Mrs. Hughes got married! I was expecting their wedding to take center stage this episode, and was surprised that it was practically a throwaway scene. It was a bit of a letdown, but I guess the show didn’t want to stretch it out too much?

(They don’t want to pay too much attention to that, but they will drag out Daisy’s sulking over a gazillion episodes. What the hell.)

Lady Edith has a guyyyyy. Hooray. More than that though, I love how she took over editing the magazine like the boss bitch that she is. Fellowes, if you are just getting my hopes up only to dash them cruelly in the end – damn you in advance.

And the last squeee moment? Branson is back! Yay.