The news that Brandon Flowers would release another solo album brought me a real sense of panic. I thought that The Killers were breaking up for good. When the band’s singer goes solo, more often than not, their output is never really as good as when they were with the band. Because even if he writes all the songs, the other guys still have a lot of input in the music. Take all that away, and the singer’s sound changes drastically, the songs are not that great, and then he fades into obscurity.

But just one listen to Brandon Flowers’ single “Still Want You” erased all that fear. (Oh, and The Killers are not breaking up either, they’re just on hiatus and will be back soon.) This new song opens with a killer keyboard riff and has a hook that will be stuck in your head for days. It has all the best of 80s music, without all the cheesiness. Flowers’ other singles “Can’t Deny My Love” and “Lonely Town” are equally gorgeous. How can he make songs sound so deliciously throwback-ish yet sexy and new?

Now I can’t wait for his solo album. Is it May 18th yet?