When these two bands appeared on Ellen, I practically jumped for joy.

I have been obsessed with their songs “Shut Up and Dance” and “Geronimo” for the past several months, and to see them on mainstream TV just made me happy. If your sole source of music is MTV and the radio, you’ll think that it’s all Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Lord help us.

But luckily there’s some still really good music out there. You just have to work hard to find it.

I used to watch all the music awards shows – VMAs, AMAs, Grammys. I think around 18 I started getting bored with the VMAs – who are all these people? A couple of years after that, the AMAs stopped making sense. This year, even my precious Grammys sucked. So thank God for these bands and their songs, that make you not quite give up on music just yet.

Sadly, it’s practically impossible to find the videos of their Ellen performances. So here are the official videos – still as fun!