I went into this movie thinking it was going to be a straight up comedy, because it was in the comedy category at all the awards shows, right? Also, I really wanted to see how good Michael Keaton was, because he is after all, Batman – the one and only – and therefore a badass.

Well, it was funny, and Michael Keaton was great, but nobody told me it was disturbing!

First of all, that opening levitation scene. It took me two tries to get past that, because what the hell?

Then, those drums. Yes, the soundtrack did a really good job conveying how sick this man’s mind was, because every time I heard it I got palpitations. It seriously was unnerving. They did too good of a job.

I won’t go into the details of the movie, mainly because it wasn’t the story that haunted me. It was the ending. That ending had me literally scratching my head saying, What the whaaat? What was that? I had to scour the internet before I could finally accept the most logical explanation of all.  OOOFFF.

Does it seem like I hated the movie? Because I didn’t. It’s just that I expected a feel-good movie and did not feel all that good after. But it affected me so much that I still haven’t gotten it out of my head, and I’m still jarred.  That’s how good it was. It just did its job too well.