This was my favorite part of Rafa’s post-match interview. This was his answer when a reporter asked him, “if” he had won the third set, would he have had a chance to win the match?

He was savagely beaten by Tomas Berdych in the quarterfinals, in straight sets and 6-0 in the second. 6-0! I have never seen Rafa bageled before, and for a fan it was just painful to watch.

Yeah yeah, he’d never lost to Berdych so he was due, blah blah whatever. But this is why I love Nadal. Here I am whining about his loss, and he makes these ridiculously mature and profound statements. Which is why he’s the champion and I’m not.

I think it was Courier I heard asking Rafa about his “so-so” match today, and Rafa replied by humbly saying, “No, not so-so, very bad. You can say, no problem (smiling).” Yet again, Rafa and Courier having an LOL moment.

Sigh. so kindly shared Rafa’s post-match press conference here.

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