The Clara Show is a new BBC show that premiered on Aug. 23. It stars Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald. I’m not familiar with her other work, but she was on a show called Doctor Who which aired its last episode on Christmas Day 2013.
I feel so stupid because I never realized I was watching a spinoff of Doctor Who. It’s really quite sneaky of the BBC and Stephen Moffat not to announce this and just let us figure it out for ourselves. I guess it’s their way of weeding out the stupids like me. Moffat is also very smart because he’s finally giving us a female Doctor – something that’s been discussed heavily by fans of the old show – but without making such a fanfare over it. So when you realize that the regeneration from Matt Smith was just a decoy, it hits you more powerfully.
Coleman’s co-star is some actor named Peter Capaldi. I heard that he’s a big fan of Doctor Who. This is probably the reason why he accepted this supporting role – so he could still be connected in some way to the old show.
Hopefully there are no spelling errors in my post, because I was typing this through a haze of tears.