Are these the cutest things or what?

For this week’s Sunday Special, I’ll be sharing something different from the usual family recipes.

But first, the basics: Siopao is a Filipino-Chinese snack.  It’s a steamed bun with different kinds of filling – anything from pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, or even salted duck eggs.

Traditional siopao. Photo courtesy of


ChowKing is one of the biggest fast food restaurants here and they decided to change it up a bit, introducing the Piggy Pao and Panda Pao, collectively known as Happy Pao. Because look, don’t they make you happy just looking at them?

They’re made from the same ingredients with just a dash of color here and there. The Piggy Pao has a pork filling, while the Panda Pao has a chocolate filling to match its colors. It’s more of a dessert-ish siopao, if you can imagine it. Personally I prefer the Piggy Pao, but then I’m partial to pigs.

They’re almost too cute to eat – almost!