I was so moved by this video I had to share it. This is from Miss Saigon’s 25th Anniversary Gala performance.

I’m so incredibly proud of the Pinoy stars – Rachelle Ann Go, JonJon Briones and of course, THE Lea Salonga. I also realized that practically every production of Miss Saigon has had a Filipino cast member, which made me even prouder! It was a treat to see the original Engineer, Jonathan Pryce, as well as alum Junix Inocian (another Pinoy). The biggest surprise was Simon Bowman, who originated the role of Chris. He got old! Not that he looks bad, because he certainly doesn’t. I just never imagined he was the type to turn into a silver fox.

I was lucky enough to watch Lea perform when Miss Saigon was staged here in Manila, and it was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience. She really does the Philippines proud and is one of our legit national treasures.

I’m such a huge musical theatre geek that I had goosebumps the whole time I was watching this video. I may have teared up a bit too (which isn’t surprising, since I cry at practically all musical finales, even Rock of Ages’!).