Downton Abbey is really back, y’all.

Episode 2 had everything I loved about Downton Abbey. It was well-paced, with all the characters’ stories explored further. We are back to genuinely caring about the characters. Sarah Bunting was less disagreeable, maybe because she had fewer scenes. I’m so glad we got to see Charles Blake again! Is it all over on that front? Is it hopeless for me to cheer him on? I have to admit I have purely superficial reasons  – I just think Blake is more handsome than Gillingham. To me, Gillingham looks a bit smarmy.  Although if Lady Mary chooses Blake I don’t know if I would be happy for him.  After all, I am so not a fan of Lady Mary. I am staunchly Team Edith (for now.) And, we got to see The Great Intelligence from Doctor Who! Actually, it was Richard E. Grant, but I do love it when I recognize the actors. After all, don’t they say that there are only 20 British actors on TV? I’m also liking Dr. Clarkson a lot because for some reason I thought he resembled The Edge a lot in this episode. I laughed out loud when I had that realization. I loved the scenes with Anna and Lady Mary, and Anna’s supreme embarrassment at the pharmacy. I really like her devotion to Lady Mary and Lady Mary’s complete trust in her.  Another relationship I love? Mrs. Patmore and Daisy.

When the episode ended, I thought to myself, wait, is it over already? In fact, I loved it so much that I decided to give the series premiere another chance. I take back everything I said about it in my previous post, because now I was able to appreciate it more. Well, I take back everything I said except the part about Miss Bunting. I still stand by that. It wasn’t as exciting as previous premieres, but it wasn’t as flat as I thought it was.  I know the reason I was a bit harsh about it too. I was in a bad mood when I watched it because I had just finished Doctor Who – Time Heist. I have very conflicted feelings about Doctor Who right now, and that’s the subject of other posts. But Downton is back! We’ve patched up our differences and I think our relationship is all the better for it. I’m so glad we’re back on track. After all, Downton is responsible for cementing my love for all things British, plus it taught me how to drink tea properly.

I also want to thank oilauren for posting about the Up Yours, Downstairs podcast. I do love me some podcasts.