Oh Doctor, Doctor, Doctor.

Apparently we’re now at the halfway point for this season of Doctor Who. What is happening? What is happening?

Have I become an entitled, spoiled fan? Am I expecting too much from my favorite show? Is this because I binge-watched all seven seasons last year, and this is my first to watch in real time? Does Moffat hate Capaldi? Is Capaldi still happy being the Doctor?

I just really care about this show so much. I have never been this emotionally invested in any TV show. I have never cried over anything as much as I have cried over Doctor Who. You know the kind that has you shaking your shoulders and hiccuping? That kind of crying. I have never wanted so much for an actor to succeed in his role as much as I want it for Capaldi. I hope he is still happy and I hope that he gets to stay for at least four seasons. I figure that’s enough time to make up for everything right?  But if Capaldi is happy with his episodes so far, then that will be enough for me.

Maybe in the finale we will find out that the episodes after Deep Breath have all been just a dream for the Doctor.


(Featured image courtesy of Drksde on DeviantArt)