By now everyone and his mother knows that Derek Jeter is retiring from baseball. And you don’t even have to be a fan to know this, because practically every media outlet has drilled this into our brains for the past 5 months.

To be clear, I don’t hate Derek Jeter. I’m just so tired of him. I was a huge fan from his rookie year. It’s impossible not to like the guy – he’s a good player, seems like a nice guy, and he respected the all-important Yankee tradition. But it was the subsequent blind worship that turned me against him.  He’s not earth-shatteringly good, you know. Sure, he’s a lock for the Hall of Fame,  especially with all the hoopla surrounding his retirement, with all the baseball analysts wailing in grief and wondering if any being in the universe can ever replace him. But his numbers don’t exactly scream THE GREATEST.  Even a legitimately hated player like Arod has better numbers than Jeter. And no one denies this.

He’s not the only player retiring this year, either. This is Paul Konerko’s last season too, but no one seems to care. It’s just too much already. Please let it be over.

Rolling Stone and Keith Olbermann put it so much better than me.