Damn you, Moffat!

I was happily wasting time on YouTube when I came across this:

Seriously?!? After a minute I was bawling like a baby.

Eleven x River is my OTP. And I’m not even sorry about it. Less than a year in the Whovian fandom and I’m already using “OTP”. Yes, I’m in deep.

River is not a companion in the strictest sense of the word, like Amy or Clara. River served a different purpose. She married the Doctor. And I totally bought their relationship at every stage, from Eleven’s “first” meeting with her in The Time of Angels (though he’d already met her as Ten in Silence in the Library), through to The Angels Take Manhattan. Eleven starts out quite distant from River, while she’s already very familiar and playful with him. By Let’s Kill Hitler the tables had turned and Eleven knew more about her than she did about him. Or herself, for that matter.

And their interaction in A Good Man Goes to War is just so perfect. Eleven is furious with River for not coming when he called, but when he figured out who she was at the end, the look on his face was just precious. So was the look on River’s when she made the revelation. She was practically glowing. And in between, Eleven carrying baby Melody and Melody actually sleeping in the Doctor’s old cot. Squee.

The Angels Take Manhattan is probably where they are most in sync. They know each other very well now, and it shows. The way they send each other messages, their couple’s catchphrases – Yowzah. Hello, Sweetie. Before stepping out of the TARDIS, Eleven takes a moment to check his reflection. He never does this. Ever. He also says more than once that River is the only one who gets to call him Sweetie. More than their flirtatious exchanges, it’s the little things that scream epic romance.

But it’s a tragic one. Which just adds to its beauty, I suppose. How can you not cry for River when you know that every time she meets the Doctor, she’s one step closer to him not knowing her at all, one step closer to her death? “His future, my past.”

The Doctor may be hundreds of years older than River, but we know Alex Kingston is older than Matt Smith. Yet, their relationship is still believable. Nothing icky or eww about it. I totally buy that Matt Smith’s Doctor is in love with Alex Kingston’s River.

And let’s not even start with their final goodbye in The Name of the Doctor.

“You are always here to me, and I always listen. And I can always see you. ” Gaaahhhh!

It’s true that the Doctor never said “I love you” to River, though she has said she’s in love with him several times. But there are two scenes in series 6 that prove his love for her.

For the first, I give credit to britishgirljess on Tumblr. In Let’s Kill Hitler, after the River who does not know the Doctor yet poisons him, a dying Doctor whispers something to her. We never hear it, but britishgirljess’s theory is that he said:

”Find River Song and tell her something from me. She is forgiven, Always and completely.

Which is perfect! I have been obsessing over what he could have said since I watched that episode, and I think the above is spot on. I totally accept it! Because in The Wedding of River Song, he repeats this to her as she tries to kill him again.

“You are forgiven. Always and completely, forgiven.”

Seriously. You tell a woman who has poisoned you, and who is about to shoot you, that she is forgiven always and completely? Tell me that’s not true love.

The video above had me crying so hard I had to step out of my room to recover. The only good thing about it is that I can now purge my brain of the drivel that is Frozen. I will forever pretend that Idina is singing for my girl River.

But still…