There was an 80s mini exhibit at the mall recently, which I found really entertaining on so many levels.

Is the 80s already that prehistoric a decade that there would actually be an exhibit for it?


(I think I missed the BTTF II poster.)

Hands down one of the best (three of the best?) movies from the 80s and all time.

The Back to the Future movies were my template of the American dream. As a little girl in the 80s, I thought that was what America looked like: kids like Marty with his skateboard, going home to his neighborhood and cozy house, drinking a Tab. I thought buying a slushie from the 7-11 was the height of cool because I couldn’t afford it. And going to a Wendy’s was the ultimate treat because they had baked potatoes and chili, things they didn’t have at Jollibee.


20140520_111149“Kids, these are cassette tapes.And that’s what we call a radio/cassette recorder. Because back in the day, we listened to the radio. There was no iTunes back then.  If we wanted to listen to our favorite song non-stop, we had to record it. Off the radio. This meant: always having a blank cassette tape, all cued up, and being on the alert whenever the DJ would start the intro to the song. This took a lot of talent kids, we had to minimize the DJ’s prattle but not miss the opening riff. Ahh, good times.

“And see that object there called the cassette rack? We were not savages – we didn’t just leave our cassette tapes lying around. We arranged them on a rack.”

I love how they actually had to put a label on the cassette rack.



Admit it, you liked them too!

Oh-oh-oh woah oh, oh-oh-oh woah, the right stuff!


20140520_111110“Kids, shoulder pads are those ungodly creations that make you look like a linebacker under your frilly blouse. God knows why anyone ever found them attractive enough to wear with clothes!”

I have no words for the espadrilles and the boat shoes because a) I still have espadrilles and b) I was wearing my loafers when I went to the mall! My “Oh sorry I’m going on a boat” shoes. Ever since I saw this cool chick on a yacht wearing a plaid shirt, boyfriend jeans, loafers and Ray-Ban aviators, I have been obsessed with the perfect pair of Sperrys. I got my plaid, my jeans, Ray-Bans and Sperrys. Now I just need my boat.

I had a surprisingly fun time at the exhibit, mostly just remembering my childhood. Then I cried because I’m old. Then I realized that the 80s was an awesome time and the kids today won’t have the same experience. Then I cried a bit more.