My sister dug up this wonderful antique serving dish and tea set that belonged to my grandmother.   So pretty.

This inspired us to start our Sunday Special dinners. We try out new recipes (by “we” of course I mean my sister and niece; my role is just to provide moral support and appreciate the food) and bring out the party plates and glasses (goblets!), which for the longest time were kept in the cupboard.

One of our first Sunday Specials was Sliders Sunday. Sliders hold very positive memories for me because I first learned about them when I stayed with my brother in Canada so I was excited for us to try them out here.

You just lay out the patties, vegetables, ketchup and mustard and make your own sandwich. For an extra treat, we added caramelized onions because caramelized onions make everything awesome. They seriously go with everything. Because it’s so fun and informal, we went with the whole picnic theme and brought out colorful plates and utensils.  For our side dish, we just went with simple roasted potatoes. And a good time was had by all!