Pat Monahan’s podcast, called the Patcast, is the funniest thing ever. It’s a literal LOL-fest every week. I’ve lost sleep most nights because I can’t stop listening. Mostly he interviews bands or musicians he’s on tour with, though he’s had a wide range of guests in the past year. My favorite episodes are the ones he did with The Script (of course), Jonathan Cain of Journey (because they talked a lot about Arnel Pineda), and this week’s guest, the Gin Blossoms. I almost had a seizure when I found out about this, because the Gin Blossoms is one of my favorite bands ever. Their music brings me back to the 90s when I was in college, back when I still listened to the radio. Good times.

The podcasts are always no-holds-barred, with f-bombs and profanities galore. Fun! Pat and his guests have really honest and intelligent conversations about music and what it’s like to be a musician these days. And since Train and most of the guests are not the ones you’d consider “cool” bands, there’s also lots of talk about relevance and the One Direction era (incidentally, Niall Horan has also been a guest on the podcast). Also, plenty of talk about wine because apparently Train are now wine connoisseurs. Who knew? I’m a fan of the band, but I still need to educate myself about the subject because I still don’t know from wine.

All in all, one of my favorite things ever. Go on and have a listen here!