It is so hard for me to like the USMNT right now. Throughout this World Cup, all you hear is the American press whining reminding us again and again and again that they hate the World Cup anyway. That the American players will never stoop so low as to flop regularly, as the rest of the world seems to do. That this is simply against American values.  Then you see Kyle Beckerman elbowing an opponent who’s already sprawled on the field.

There’s nothing dirtier than a dirty player pretending to be clean. Geez. The American [press] only hate soccer -IT’S FOOTBALL, GET OVER IT – because they suck at it. The one time they are not the absolute best at anything, so of course they can’t take it. Whatever. But when they do start winning, they act entitled and as if they expected this all along. And suddenly they LOOOOOVE soccer (FOOTBALL!).

That’s the trouble with being almighty, you see. You don’t know how to take the hard knocks. The moment you’re not the supreme ruler of the empire of soccer (FOOTBALL!) you dismiss everybody else who happens to be good at it, and everybody else who happens to be a fan. You hide behind your massive inferiority complex and call yourselves #OUTLAWS because hey, it’s cool to not be good at this, we’re rebels. And you keep making excuses that these are not your best athletes anyway. Sour grapes much? And then you happen to win, and suddenly WE’RE NUMBER 1! TEAM USA!

This team and its [press] is just so damn arrogant. And however far they make it this year, they’re not winning themselves a lot of new non-American fans.