Hey, Mister Beebop had a makeover!

I’ve been playing around with my blog’s colors and format all day and I’ve come up with my favorite overall look.  The hardest part was the colors – I probably should’ve paid more attention the day they taught us the color wheel and complementary colors (I even started out typing it as complimentary colors! Hah. Must be some really polite colors there.) I’ve also added a section all about Mister Beebop. I like my new header image – I’m a total bookworm so the bookshelf is so me. And I’m interested in a lot of different topics, which I write about, so it’s like the books represent that too.  I’m also sharing a list of the blogs I follow and the music I’m listening to lately.

I started this blog a year ago, and I posted just once until I revived it last month.  I was discouraged for a while because I knew I couldn’t just limit myself to one blog topic. And you could also say life got in the way – all my energies were bent on trying to get through my day (that will be a topic for another post).  I didn’t know if I could do this, or even have something to write about.  But I have some time now, and I’m really enjoying this whole sharing and writing thing.  I’m also learning a whole lot about social media and HTML – and I barely passed my computer classes in school! Who knew. It turns out I do have something to say, and I hope I can continue doing this.

More soon.