So today has not been a good day for World Cup viewing.  My genuine disappointment over Portugal’s loss to Germany made me realize that, holy hell, I’ve really taken on Portugal as my team. Since my country (the Philippines) has never competed in the World Cup, I’ve mostly just enjoyed the games as an impartial observer. I support the teams that have performed well because they’re easy to admire.  Think Spain and Italy. Also, it doesn’t hurt if they have reeeeeally nice-looking players. So yes, my choices have been pretty shallow random.

But our family is of Portuguese heritage, which is actually the reason I started supporting them too.  And I will continue to cheer for them now even after this defeat . Aww, it’s true love! We went through a crappy time together, and now our relationship is solid. HAH.  I just hope they at least put up a fight in their next match.  They practically rolled over and handed this one to the Germans. Oh well. We’ll see in a couple of days.