(Spoiler Alert: RICKY MARTIN WINS.)

How in hell is Ricky Martin’s song ‘Vida’ not the official World Cup anthem? 

I watched the opening of the World Cup with a very open mind: tree people and ball heads? Okaay. Capoeira? Cool! JLo’s sparkly green leotard? Ok, I like green. Pitbull’s inexplicable pants? Well, I’m getting used to guys wearing capris anyway. And that song? I guess songs aren’t supposed to sound good when performed in a humongous stadium because of sound and projection issues, right? JLo’s singing was definitely proving that.

But this was before I realized that there’s this other song floating around as part of the World Cup album. In my mind, ‘La Copa De La Vida’ is the quintessential World Cup song anyway. Then I find out that Ricky Martin has another song out for this year’s tournament. Seriously. How can it not be the official song? It’s got a great hook and production that actually screams Brazil.  Sure, the lyrics are pretty standard as far as football songs go (“La vida buena!”), but at least there’s a discernible melody. (Actually, I already have a favorite line: “sonreir y celebrar” or “to smile and to celebrate”. How perfect is that?) And Ricky Martin can actually SING.

Shouldn’t the World Cup song make you want to throw up your hands and dance? Not, oh I don’t know, throw rocks at the TV? It should make you feel the spirit of the host country or the tournament. With that ‘Ole, Ola’ song, all I see is JLo making FIERCE! faces. There’s something definitely plastic and fake about it. And we all know that Claudia Leitte is just the token Brazilian to appease the host country, but really it would’ve been better if she wasn’t included in the first place. In the opening number she was just made to look like JLo’s backup dancer. Seriously.

I finally figured out that that is the reason I wasn’t getting into the World Cup during the leadup – that song sucked. Now that I’ve heard ‘Vida’, I’m officially back in the game.

And because I binge-watched Ricky Martin’s videos to cleanse my brain of the travesty that is ‘Ole Ola’, I rediscovered my long-dormant crush on him. Heehee.  Wow. The World Cup really does bring everything together.

On a final note, go listen to ‘Vida’. I dare you not to feel awesome afterward!