And now the Witches’ Coven plays one of our favorite games –  Love Or Hate –  where we share our feelings for celebrities, with no in betweens. Our first edition –  we dish on Hollywood couples.

1. Brangelina

Tammy: HATE. Sanctimonious bitch and overaged Lothario.  Loathing, unadulterated loathing.

Chloe: HATE.  For obvious reasons.

Sandy: HATE. Everybody treats them like they’re the king and queen of the universe. What about my girl Jen?

2.  Clooney and Amal Amalamaladingdong

Tammy: HATE. I’ll give them 3 months max. They’ll break up after Stacey Kiebler gives birth.

Chloe: HATE. It just doesn’t feel right.

Sandy: HATE. There’s something very fishy here, like it’s not real. Ehh.

3. Justifer

Tammy: LOVE.  Team Aniston all the way.

Chloe: LOVE. I love them both individually, so I love them as a couple.

Sandy. LOVE. They should just get married already, beat Brangelina to the altar and have tons of babies (it’s still possible!)

4. Jay and Bey

Tammy: HATE. I would pick INDIFFERENT if it were allowed, I just don’t care about them.

Chloe: HATE. They’re both parents already, but they still act like a badass and dress like a ho, respectively. I mean, what’s up with that?

Sandy: HATE. I automatically hate anyone if the media keeps shoving them down my throat saying how perfect they are. They’re not all that.

5. Blyan

Tammy: HATE. What is she, like 12?!

Chloe: HATE. Blake Lively looks like the stupidest person on the planet.

Sandy: HATE. A definite downgrade from Scarjo. What do they even talk about?

And there you have it! Come play in the comments!